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  Indicating And Gearing Device Of High-Voltage Fuse
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This device is applide to 3.6KV-40.5KV indoor high-voltage fuse(with stirker),such as XRNT. XRNM and RN1. RN3 etc. After action of fuse, the sriker would eject compressed target-head,which drives insulates core axis move to low-volt loop,and open inching switch,for proving alarm and insulation function.

This device could be installed in any direction on the premise of being up to insulated distance,its size refers to diagraml. Provide the striker of fuse belongs to spring type, it is suggesed to move(like diagram2),provided the striker of fuse belongs to power type it is suggested to move target-head to certain position with more-than-3 mm distance away from axes of striker, meanwhile, adjust pushloop to certain position with 5mm distance away form inching rod.

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